Agile in Automotive

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Agile in Automotive

Developing a market-ready product ( just the right product at just the right time) is one of today’s major challenges.

Today, automobile manufacturers and suppliers use diverse agile development processes.

The sureNEO team offers agile development use to their customers for to deliver right product and most quality product in right time.

Software projects throughout life cycles are at risk of failure due to inability to use resources correctly, prioritization of non-correct works and failure to understand customer demands.

When applied agile approaches;

  • project productivity,
  • the ability of the project to adapt quickly to changes,
  • project quality
  • Speed ​​of launch of the project
  • The success rates of the projects can be increased to 80% and the profitability of the project can increase with the significant competitive advantage achieved.

Agile is the fastest and most secure project development approach in the world. They are currently being used extensively by many companies all over the world.